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Kennel ideas

above ground beagle pensWhen it comes to kenneling dogs the options are only limited by one imagination. Most beagles will be very happy living in a kennel environment provided they are exercised regularly and surrounded by pack mates. Today I’m going to discuss several different methods of kenneling beagles. I’ve seen beaglers use all of these methods with varying degrees of success. I’
One method is to simply put a dog house in your back yard. This may seem like the most humane way possible but it has its draw backs. If your dog is a performance breed beagle he is not going to spend his days and nights laying around, assuming he can get out and hunt. The poor dog will simply chase rabbits all night putting him self in danger of moving traffic as well as exhaustion. A modified version of this method where a fenced in back yard is present will however, work very well. Beagles are generally very happy in a fenced in yard with children.
A very common method of kenneling beagles is the standard chain link kennel. You can buy these dog pens in all shapes and sizes. The 10×10 square kennel being the most common. I’ve seen kennel use these exclusively with varying degrees of success. The kennels look great on a pleasant spring day when the ground is dry and the sun not to hot.
The drawbacks become apparent once a good soaking rain sets into the area. You have to go inside these kennels for cleaning, feeding, and changing bedding. The ground quickly becomes a muddy mess making this set up somewhat undesirable. There are a couple ways you can mitigate the mud problem. The most obvious and expensive is to pour concrete. This does help but requires daily cleaning and the problem of having to go inside the kennel is still present. An alternate of this would be a thick layer of gravel. In some ways I think the gravel is superior especially when a roof above the kennel is not available.
The key to an easy to operate kennel employing chain link kennel is in a roof structure. The roof will keep out rain as well as hot sun. I’ve seen old barns as well as new ones built to house kennels. Some pine shavings on the floor will make this a pretty good place for dogs as well as handler.
Another common method of housing beagles is the wire floored or off the ground kennel. The advantage to this type kennel will be obvious. There is no mess for the dog or handler to wade around in. Beagles tend to be easier to keep healthy and parasite free. The roof is part of the kennel its self so the requirement of a building is not so critical. Since beagles tend to be greedy eaters it’s much easier to feed dogs in this type kennel. First there’s no fighting over food. Second if a dog does not eat properly you know it at once. Sick dogs are much easier to spot and the risk of contagion is mitigated. If several dogs are in a single kennel it may be days before you realize a hound is in trouble. The drawback is the kennel is usually smaller and may look inhumane to the non dog owner.

A third option to kenneling dogs is the tie out method. While this could be the oldest method known it does have all the limitations of both of the preceding options. Using a tie out has it’s place in dog training however I recommend it be limited to short durations of less than 24 hrs. I do want to not however I have seen a kennel full of dogs on tie outs that were kept tidy and sanitary. For this beagler tie outs were economical and worked well.
In summary, there are several methods of kenneling beagles that are considered normal or standard in the hobby. You will no doubt experiment and decide for yourself what works for you. I do want to impress upon you the degree of luxury a roof over your kennels will provide to you as well as your dogs. From keeping the kennel cool and dry to providing the ability to have overhead lights after dark. A roofed will proof a very satisfying investment for years to come.

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