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getting a dogs teeth cleaned

What a title. One of the thing I had to do today was to get Super Dooper by the vet have her teeth cleaned. Now most beagles will let you work with thier teeth a bit but not Super Dooper. She fidgets and wiggles and clamps her jaws shut. That dog will not let me clean her teeth. The end result is the vetrinarian has to do it. He will use anastetia and put her under while he cleans the poor dogs teeth. I hate it has to be done that way but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.
After I dropped off the dog at the vet; I came back home and caught a couple little females I had out running. I then turned loose some pups out of Rockafeller. I thought these pups were just about ready to start running. I headed out across the field with these three pups and an older slow female I have borrowed from a friend. To my suprise one of those male pups sure doesn’t need any help running a rabbit. He grabbed that rabbit track put it between his legs and turned it loose. The older female (JJ is her name) fell in behind him and the race was on. In no time the young pup was 30 feet ahead of JJ and certainly wasn’t looking back for reassurance. I think that pup would have made old Cocoa Star proud!

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