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Training puppies to come

Here I show you the proper use of the check cord and Shock collar.

Review of the Tri-Troinics trainng collar

An up close look at the Tri Tronics dog training collar(shock collar.)

How to give a puppy vaccine

You ask for it. Here it is. I hope you find it helpfull

Here is a link to the vaccines I use for my pups. I’ve had really good luck with them. The good thing about ordering from these guys is shipping is free and the price is always the lowest. If the […]

Field dressing rabbit

Here’s my latest video. If you like this sort of thing make sure to subscribe to my channel.

nice video of young females running

I radn dogs with Doug yesterday. I did get to shoot a few minutes worth of video of some young females in hot pursuit of Mr bunny.

Young female beagles