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vaccine schedule for your puppy

This pups maternal antibodies are nearing the end of their useful life

Vaccinating your puppy can be one of the most intimidating task a new or inexperienced dog owner has to deal with. If you’ve never given a vaccine you see how I do it in this simple video I made: vaccinating puppy video […]

Flea control

I received this note from Dan in New Jersey. It’s great advise!

Scott I’ve been using termidor for ticks and fleas. Suppose to be the I same as Frontline (ingrediences) 1 CC up to 20 lbs. over 20 lbs. they say 3 CC I’m Giving my dogs 2 CC Give same as frontline […]

Heart worm preventative

We all want to care for our beagles as effectively and economically as possible. Parasites must be controlled to keep our beagles happy and healthy. I want to discuss some of the more common parasites and what you can do to protect your dogs without breaking the bank. Heart worms: Heart worms are probably […]

Basic obedience training

a pup this size must have basic obedience training

Recently one of my close (non beagler) friends was having trouble with his Great Pyrenees puppy. The young pup was still mentally immature but in a 90 lb body. He was all but impossible for the kids to handle and he was killing the very chickens […]

Kennel ideas

When it comes to kenneling dogs the options are only limited by one imagination. Most beagles will be very happy living in a kennel environment provided they are exercised regularly and surrounded by pack mates. Today I’m going to discuss several different methods of kenneling beagles. I’ve seen beaglers use all of these methods with […]

Hunting season is all but gone

Hunting season is over for all but a few who may be able to make a trip afield one of the last couple day of rabbit season. Even those who have the liberty to make a mid week trip this close to spring tend to be very apprehensive about harvesting soon to be momma […]

How to give a puppy vaccine

You ask for it. Here it is. I hope you find it helpfull

Here is a link to the vaccines I use for my pups. I’ve had really good luck with them. The good thing about ordering from these guys is shipping is free and the price is always the lowest. If the price […]

getting a dogs teeth cleaned

What a title. One of the thing I had to do today was to get Super Dooper by the vet have her teeth cleaned. Now most beagles will let you work with thier teeth a bit but not Super Dooper. She fidgets and wiggles and clamps her jaws shut. That dog will not let me […]

Puppies and Fleas

It’s September and that means fleas are at their peak. If you have not done your due detergents this summer chances are the fleas are starting to show up.Flea & Tick Control is something that doesn’t require a lot of effort if you just plan ahead. Both and Drs. Foster & Smith – The […]

Heart worms

No matter what type of dog you have, heart worm prevention is critical to his care. They’re several drugs available from your vet that will handle heart worms. The problem with these drugs is they tend to be on the expensive side. Ivermectin is something kennel owners and hunters have been using for many years. […]