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Visit a field trial

My son Mason with the late Donnie Gambrell

Raising a puppy, feeding him, training him, sharing much of your discretionary time with him, and then finally competing in the field with him is perhaps the most rewarding adventure in the entire hunting dog world. The day you go afield to show others how […]

Beagle field trial judges

Beagle judges only have the official rule book to look at when determining which action and qualities call for positive score and which require demerit. The degree to that score or demerit is based on the extent to which the actions are committed and the amount they contribute or take away from the race. […]

beagles and rabbit hunting

Rabbit hunting is a great sport. It usually involves friends, shooting guns, and training dogs. Put them all together and you have a recipe for a lot of fun. The hunters that talk to me mostly want to hear my thoughts on the hound work. Good hounds make for more fun for the hunters. […]

beagle field trials

Field trials have been going on for over 120 years in America. The first one held by the National beagle club was in New Hampshire on 1890. I can’t find any proof that beagle field trials were taking place before 1890 but I did find a reference to some discussion of how beagles should run […]

your first beagle field trial

Ken Murray on a rainy rabbit hunt

I don’t have an article prepared for today. It’s not because I have been slacking off or gone on a beagle adventure and couldn’t get back to my computer. I have been running dogs today. I was able to get three different braces worked in today. Back to […]

Judges, judges, judges

Judge amd handler talking over a race

While the judging of bench-show judging specimens has been alluded to in previous chapters, the field-trial end has not been touched upon, and while different judges in the past have interpreted the standard of the beagle differently, as they saw it, those qualifications which go to make the […]

A Pig Picken

I cant believe it’s been almost three weeks since I wrote in my blog! I’m falling behind. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to force your self to do it. My biggest problem is getting in the mood to blog. Since my last entry the World Beagle Extravaganza has […]

Note to Field Trial judges

If I could change one thing about our field trials, what would it be? Judges would not take the loss of a rabbit so lightly! I believe it should be common practice to not allow the hounds who have taken part in a lost rabbit to place in the field trial.Do you think that is […]

Judges read

A note to judges:This is not the place or time to try and make you read the rule book. You’ve read it. You know what it says (although a refresher may help many of us.) I just wanted to talk to you about how to place weight on a hound actions. Good or bad. It’s […]

Kennel Blind

I wonder why so many people have a hard time understanding our sport? They really do. Even folks who have been at it for a long time really don’t always get it. They like to spout the reason their dogs don’t do well is because “all the clubs” in that area are too conservative, or […]