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Beagle puppies for sale

Have you ever looked for beagle puppies for sale online? There is certainly no shortage of folks trying to make a buck off of beagle puppies. Don’t confuse these puppy pushing sites with actual beagle breeders who are constantly working to improve the breed.

Do a quick Google search and see where that lands you. Better yet use this search box

and type in beagle puppies for sale in (add your state.) You will see several commercial sites listing beagle puppies for sale. Look at those pups. Where are the pictures of their parents? Why do they look so drawn up? I can tell you the answers to these questions and even more concerning these puppy mill sites.

First if you read their literature you will find them constantly harping on the notion that they are not selling puppies from “puppy mills.” That is simply not true!

Where are the pictures of the puppy’s parents? If a prospective buyer saw them they would never contact the puppy pushing site. Any respectable breeder will be delighted to show you the parentage of any puppy. This is what a breeder pours many hours of his efforts into. The idea the new puppy owners will get as much enjoyment from the breed as the breeder himself has enjoyed is one of the driving forces behind most breeders.

Why do the puppies look drawn up or “pointy nosed?” Simply put that’s the way they are breed. They are not quality beagle puppies. This is what a beagle puppy should look like:
Another notion these puppy pushing sites try to plant in the prospective puppy owners head is the idea that they do not deal with “backyard breeders.” Now what does that mean you might ask? Who lives in a backyard? Breeders and their families of course.
Who are the Breeders of Merit as Recognized by the American Kennel Club? The top fanciers and exhibitors of the breed. These Breeders of Merit live in homes and these homes have back yards. You will look long and hard to find a quality puppy being cared for in anything other than a beagle fanciers own home, i.e…back yard.

Oh I have heard their sales pitch. I have been contacted by these fast talking puppy pushing sites. Them, hoping to get more puppies to offer, All the time they are explaining how they vet the buying family to insure they will be able to separate them from their hard earned cash. Getting them to fall in love with a poor specimen before it even arrives at their home. This insures a family will not want to return the pup as they realize what they got was not the beautiful beagle they had hoped for.

I’m not saying those sites never have a quality puppy to offer. I personally don’t know any AKC Breeders of Merit who offers puppies through these sites. Don’t be scammed by one of these puppy sites! Do your own research and seek out a quality beagle breeder who does have the breed’s best interest in mind.

There is an old saying; “You get what you pay for.” In the case of puppies this holds true. Just be sure what you are paying for is not a “boiler room” of professional sales people who are highly trained at separating the puppy buyer from his money. These sites often will advertise poor specimen puppies for more than double what a first quality pup should cost.

Once you locate your breeder and do visit his home here are some suggestions for choosing your new pup.

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